Vintage mongoose Serial #

Dating tange bmx forks

Vintage mongoose Serial # Later Decoster forks had a brake caliper hole soon after they were used as Team and Supergoose forks. Above are general guidelines as to what type of fork would be found on a “stock” Mongoose bike. Till the ashtabula forks were replaced with the more rounder style Tange made forks. RECO Racer Engineering Company manufactured frames for BMX.

Who made Race Inc. Forks - BMX Society Next fork variation was the 7/8" leg with a small steer tube boss. Please refer to the catalogs section for the options list for each year of model. Who made Race Inc. Forks. I know where this Cycle Pro fork came from, it's Tange made. and they came as either Cycle Pros or SE/BMX Innovations forks.

Frame ID Forks - Vintage Mongoose [Sheldon wrote this article largely from memory, based on his long experience in the bicycle retail sector. Frame ID Forks Forks. Mongoose bikes. came equipped with Ashtabula black finished non-stamped forks. Mongoose bikes from 1979-1981 came equipped with Tange

Vintage mongoose Serial #
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Dating tange bmx forks:

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